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JetExec Owners Information

K.I.S.S. Aviation JetExec Turbine Helicopter


This site primarily provides technical information to Owners and Builders of the
K.I.S.S. Aviation JetExec Turbine Helicopter.


Site Last Updated May 2016
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JetExec Registered Owners Section
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The owners section only provides technical assistance to K.I.S.S. JetExec Owners and Builders.
It does not have any general information about the conversion.

NEW OWNERS - If you have purchased a 2nd hand kit or flying JetExec, please notify KISS Aviation so that they can provide you with any important updates or modifications. They will then also authorise your access to this site.

If you are after general information regarding the conversion,
please also visit the official K.I.S.S. Aviation Web Site

KISS Aviation - Keep It Simple ...

See also the Rotorway Owners Group Forum - JetExec section.
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